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formerly Wellman Lake Bible Camp



Waters Edge Bible Camp is located in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada, just off Provincial Road #366 (Regatta Bay Road).


The Camp is surrounded by the Duck Mountain Provincial Forest.


The Camp lies on the edge of Wellman Lake.


The Camp has its own gently sloped grass beach and access to the lake.


The hill provides a large play area, including the climbing wall. There is also a ropes course going down towards the lake.


Our firepit lies on the left edge of the beach and is surrounded by benches.

Camper Cabins

The Camp has four cabins that can each house 14 people (bunk beds). The cabins are insulated but unheated.

Each camper must bring his or her own sleeping bag, pillow and sheets.

Staff cabins

There are six cabins for staff as follows:

On the hill
#1 – One double bed
#2 – Seven single beds
#3 – One queen size bed

Down below, close to boathouse
#1 – One double bed
#2 – One single bed
#3 – Single and double bed
#2&3 have adjoining door

Bedding and linens are not provided. Please do not remove any furniture or rearrange into a different cabin.


There are separate male and female washrooms with flush toilets and showers.

Sports/Boat House

The Camp has three canoes, one paddleboat, lifejackets, two freestanding basketball hoops, volleyball net, and various small balls.


The Camp has a dock off its beach as well as a floating dock.

Main Building (Dining and Chapel)

The kitchen is equipped with a gas range/oven and grill. There are cutlery, plates and glasses for approximately 80 people. There are two coolers, two freezers and various pots and pans. All water from the kitchen taps is safe for drinking. Any water elsewhere is not.

The main building has a fireplace, chairs and benches for large group meetings. The 200 square foot staff room is great for small staff meetings. As a general rule, children are not allowed in the staff room.

The canteen has a fridge for drinks and shelves for candy, etc.

Craft Cabin

There are small tables and chairs available for small groups to work on crafts.