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Waters Edge Bible Camp, formerly known as Wellman Lake Bible Camp, is a non-profit organization that provides summer camp experiences to children, couples, and families. We believe camp is an opportunity for learning, growth and new experiences that an individual, particularly a child, might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in. Our camp Board is made up of volunteers who work throughout the year to make Waters Edge Bible Camp a reality. We strive to make camp equally accessible for all who wish to come. To this end we offer parents/families, who may be unable to cover the cost of registration for their child, the option to apply for sponsorship. Waters Edge has a limited number of sponsorships available each year. We welcome your participation in our sponsorship program, allowing us to bring more children to camp each summer.

Interested in sponsoring a child a camp? Have you previously been sponsored to attend camp and want to pass it on? Here’s how:

  • Go to watersedgecamp.ca
  • Click on Donate/sponsor-a-camper
  • Choose the age of the camper you wish to sponsor
    • Age 5-7 – Pre-Squirt Day Camp - $30.00
    • Age 7-11 – Squirt or Primary Camp - $172.00
    • Age 11-15+ - Junior, Junior High, or Youth Camp - $210.00
  • If wishing to sponsor a particular child, please list the name of the child in the memo.
    • Note: all unspecified donations for sponsorship will be used first towards the age group selected, then towards other age groups as there is need. Any remaining at the end of the camp season will be put towards sponsorships the following camp season.
  • Provide your email address to receive an update at the end of the summer on all our sponsored children. Learn all about what activities they tried, what speakers they heard, and what the camp is up to.
  • Provide your mailing address to receive a tax-deductible receipt in the spring.

Click the donate button below to get started.

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